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Always Ready… Any time, Any where. The OPTI® CCA-TS2 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer . The latest Generation of Blood Gas Analyzer. Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer uses optical fluorescence technology from discreet sensors called optical electrodes (optodes). Allows for measurement of PH, PO2, PCO2, SO2, sodium, potassium, chloride and ionized calcium in a single-use cassette. A disposable, single-use cassette contains all of the elements needed for calibration, sample measurement and waste containment.
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  • Uses innovative optical technology.
  • Provides fast accurate results for blood gases, acid-base balance, electrolytes, ionized calcium, glucose, BUN and lactate.
  • Runs samples of whole blood, plasma and serum on single-use disposable cassettes.
  • Calibration of cassette before sampling—eliminates losing sample if cassette calibration fails.
  • Long cassette shelf life 6–12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Zero standby cost—no reagents required.

Technical Specifications

Sample Volume 125 µL (60µL for B60 cassette)
Calibration Time <90 seconds
Measurement Time <120 seconds
Typical Cycle Time <210 seconds
Operating Temperature 10–30°C (50–86°F)
Sample Type Whole blood, serum or plasma
Measurement Principle Optical fluorescence, reflectance
Sample Application Syringe, capillary or Comfort Sampler
Data Storage
  • 500 patient records
  • 500 patient records
  • 70 QC samples per level
  • 105 SRC samples per level
  • 300 user IDs and passwords
Approvals CE, UL, IVDD, and FDA
Voltage/Frequency 120 or 240 AC, 50–60 Hz
Height x Width x Depth 124 x 362 x 230 mm (4.7 x 14.2 x 9.1 in)
Weight 4.3 kg (9.6 lb) with rechargeable battery pack

Test menu

The OPTI CCA-TS2 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer uses ready-to-use single-use cassettes that let you test for a range of blood gas parameters:

Cassette Type Tests
B-Type PH, PCO2 ,PO2 ,tHb , SO2
E-Ca Type PH, PCO2 ,PO2 , tHb, SO2, Na+ ,K+ ,Ca++
E-Lyte CCA Type PH, Na+ ,K+ ,Cl- ,Ca++
E-Type PH, PCO2, PO2 ,tHb, SO2 ,Na+ ,K+
E-Cl Type PH, PCO2 ,PO2 ,tHb, SO2 ,Na+, K+ ,Cl-
E-GLU Type PH, PCO2 ,PO2 ,tHb, SO2 ,Na+, K+, GLU
E-BUN Type PH ,PCO2 ,PO2 ,tHb, SO2 ,Na+, K+, BUN
B-LAC Type PH ,PO2 ,tHb, SO2 ,LAC
B60 Type PH, PCO2 ,PO2