ًWhat is SCENAR

ًWhat is SCENAR
 SCENAR introduction
We are delighted to present you the
medical technology of the 21st century that
can improve your health, the health of your beloved ones and save your time and
The concept of this portable medical device “SCENAR” was created in 1980s by
group of Russian scientists for needs of the Soviet army forces and space industry.
The idea of replacing the first aid kit with just one simple-to-operate light
portable medical device which positive effects can be easily obtained on the earth’s
orbit was fascinating and defined the future of SCENAR development
. From the
beginning of the 21
st century it started to spread around the world and now it is one
of the
most advanced treatment devices.
This device uses unique technology that helps it to activate recovery processes and
achieve fast positive results. Its main purpose is
pain management, but it is
proven by many physicians to be and effective treatment of such conditions as pain
of unknown origin, myositis, fibromyalgia, acute and subacute traumas, edemas
and lymphedemas, neuritis, chronic pain, postsurgical, posttraumatic pains and
many others.
SCENAR is a small light weight device that fits in your pocket and is easy and
convenient to carry around. Also, it is economically profitable as it increases the
effectiveness of the pharmacological therapy and reduces the average time of
hospital bed occupation by patient. In addition, it reduces the time and cost of full
recovery treatment, saves medical supplies, reduces time of rehabilitation and
helps patients to step back into the work faster.
All SCENAR models (home and professional devices) together with the Add-on
electrodes are used for non-invasive treatment to regulate physiologic systems of

the body in order to relieve and manage different pain-related pathologies. They
are designed to be operated by non-medical home users as well as by therapists,
doctors and medical staff.