The latest piezo shockwave generation from Richard Wolf and ELvation - the PiezoWave2 - offers a number of unique new and improved features. The piezo single- and double-layer technology has been used to create a unique, never previously implemented range of optional therapy sources: focussed, planar and – entirely new – linear focussed. With its outstanding performance data and exceptional – guaranteed! – life-span up to 5 million pulses depending on the therapy source, the PiezoWave2 offers the best shockwave source for every indication. Users benefit from the easy-to-operate controls, the automatic therapy source recognition with a plug & play function, and the ELvation ESWT App for iPads conveniently slotted in the tablet PC holder (iPad not included).

Piezowave2 is used for Treating :

  • Erectile Dysfunction ( Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction )
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders ( Tendonitis ) 
  • Wound Healing

Piezowave2 Generate Shockwaves useing piezio crystals , those shock waves lead to an improved local blood circulation and metabolism. Extracorporeal shock waves affecting living tissue is based on the transformation of mechanical stimuli into biochemical or bio molecular effect.

For more Information About Piezowave2 Please Download The PDF Catalog (Under The Product Picture)


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