Blood Pressure BIO320

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Blood Pressure BIO320

The BPBIO320 resolves the two most common problems associated with the sphygmomanometers: the painful measuring process from excessive pressure and inaccurate results. In order to locate systolic and diastolic ponts, previous models of automatic sphygmomanometer increased the pressure applied regardless of the each patient's blood pressure. It caused caused unnecessary pain as well as less reproducibility when repeating measurement due to the residual effects. BPBIO320 increases the pressure only up to the patient's systolic pressure to measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, allowing for minimal discomfort and minimal residual effects resulting from less pressure put. Also, it resolved the problem of prolonged measuring time from previous upflow-pressurized sphygmomanometers by using the individualized pressure according to the patient's heart rate.

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